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All You Need to Know About Bharatanatyam Jewellery

All You Need to Know About Bharatanatyam Jewellery

June 29, 2022

All You Need to Know About Bharatanatyam Jewellery

Bharatnatyam get-up appears to be stunning very colourful. Bharatnatyam dancers wear exclusive and attractive sets of jewellery. These jewellery sets are formed with dark green and maroon kempu stones also called temple jewellery. In ancient times devadasis and maharanis used to wear traditional kempu jewellery. The beautiful jhumkis earrings dangling on their ears and long-chain hanging on the neck. Popular ornaments used by Bharatanatyam dancers include long necklaces, chokers, waist belts, headsets, chain earrings, hair clips, nose studs, armlets, bangles, and ghungroos.

Bharatnatyam is a south Indian dance form performed wearing lovely costumes and south Indian jewellery. The jewellery influences the presence of the Bharatanatyam dancer that offers a character to the dancer’s presentation. The jewellery is heavy, comprehensive, and very amusing to poise the art being played by the dancer. These days women love to wear these ornamentals at traditional weddings and other traditional occasions.

Bharatanatyam jewellery embraces statement jewellery pieces that hold countless value.

Head jewellery: The headpiece is also called maang tikka or nethi chutti. It is put on with brooches on both sides of the hair partition that characterize the moon and sun in the classical dance form.

Nose stud: Nose jewellery is known as bullak and mukkutti. Bharatnatyam dancers decorate a nose ring or stud in their nose to complement refinement to their performance.

Earrings: Beautiful jhumkas with a chain called mattals or ear chains. These chains are attached to earrings to provide a heavy expression to the earrings. Jhumkis dance beautifully as the dancer moves.

Attractive necklaces: Dancers can pick the neckpieces of their choice but usually, they wear a short neckpiece along with a longer one. The short necklace or choker is called attikai and the longer one is termed malai. Typically, they wear temple jewellery necklaces made of gold and decked with pearls.

Bangles and arm chains: Bharatanatyam dancers wear bangles and armlets depending on their choice. They beautify their arms with many bangles and armbands that signify prosperity. As they dance their bangles augment the rhythmic step sequence.

Waist chain: It is also known as ottiyanam, kamarband, or waist belt. An exaggerated golden waistband forms a shape and accurate dance moves for the dancer.

Ghungroo: Ghungroo has a significant place in Indian classical dance. Ghungroos are the key ornament and instrument that a Bharatnatyam dancer must wear. Ghungroos make a loud sound or strong effect during the dance.

What makes Bharatnatyam jewellery superior and widely recognized?

Flows with all Indian outfits

You can mix and match these jewellery pieces with almost anything and the credit goes to adaptable designs. For example, you can wear a set for traditional occasions while you can pick just the earrings with normal Indian attire. The beautiful designs match almost any traditional outfit.

Artistic appeal

Temple jewellery carries the beauty and artistic appeal that makes people admire your looks wherever you wear them. You can assume the stylishness from these jewellery pieces that everybody looks for. If you are an admirer of modest and attractive ornaments, you will get them with Bharatanatyam jewellery.

These are always in

Trends are transforming every day but south Indian jewellery is trending from ancient times. These amazing jewellery pieces come in various impressions and styles which means you can continually find something that expresses your mood and choice.

You can wear them anywhere

Temple jewellery is not just for Bharatanatyam dance presentations. Any age group can wear them with any Indian clothing. It complements all ethnic outfits. Whether you are going out with friends, attending a wedding, office parties, or a festive celebration, etc.

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