Special Artificial Jewellery Trends for 2023 Winter Season

Special Artificial Jewellery Trends for 2023 Winter Season

January 10, 2023

Artificial Jewellery for Winter Season 2023

This winter season it’s time to spoil yourself with some hot artificial jewellery trends. Jewellery trends are something that changes frequently so it is important to keep yourself updated so that you can show up everywhere always wearing up-to-the-mark jewellery. Here are the 5 latest jewellery trends that are becoming a big sensation this year.

   1. Rhinestone jewellery

Rhinestones are imitation diamonds that are cut around the edges and are used to make artificial jewellery. These types of jewellery are the current hot trend. Rhinestone makes the ornament very elegant and pretty to look at. And the cherry on top is that rhinestone jewellery is not at all heavy to wear. They are this beautiful, lightweight classy jewellery that is available at an affordable price.

Rhinestone jewellery

 2. Big and statement kundan meenakari finger rings

Finger rings that can carry the whole look single-handedly are what we are going for this year. Statement rings have their own spark and they look absolutely gorgeous when styled with Indian traditional outfits. The new designs of kundan and meenakari rings have created a sensation globally. And keeping in mind these eccentric designs we believe that they deserve a special place in your jewellery wardrobe too.

kundan meenakari finger rings

3. Funky color kundan maangtikka and earring set

The royal kundan maangtikka and earrings set have always been a hot trend but this time they are out with a different approach. Bright and vibrant colors are the main character this season. The royal and classic look of kundan mixed with bright and hot colors together creates magic. If you like trying things out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new then these types of jewellery are definitely worth your money.

kundan maangtikka and earring set


  4. Antique Rivoli stone earrings

Rivoli stones are no-hole crystal stones that are famous for their gem-like qualities. These stones are used to make imitation jewellery which is very high in demand in the market. The earrings made from these stones are different from the typical Indian transitional ones and give a modern vibe. You can pair them with your indo western dresses. Antique earrings are available in many different colors and sizes so you have plenty of options to choose from. Eindiawholesale provides all the latest designs under one roof for our customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience.

stone earrings


5. Matte gold necklace set

When going for Indian designs, how can we miss gold-plated jewellery? The new matt gold necklace set has been winning hearts since the day of its launch. The attention to detail is just praiseworthy. Eindiawholesale provides them at such good wholesale rates that you can easily buy them in bulk and get great discounts too.

 Matte gold necklace set

Fine craftsmanship with exceptional quality is the motto of Eindiawholesale and that is why we always try our best to bring in the latest and trendy jewellery for our customers at the best prices possible. So this winter enhance your personal style with the latest trending jewellery.

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