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DIY Tips to Design Silk Thread Jewellery

DIY Tips to Design Silk Thread Jewellery

Fashion styles keep transforming but Indian jewelry is trending all the time. One of the most admired Indian Jewellery trends is Silk Thread Jewellery. This type of jewellery fits well for all occasions. A lot of women are dumping other types of western and traditional jewellery and picking up the Silk Thread Jewellery. You can match up these jewellery pieces with almost all kinds of outfits. It goes very well with ethnic, fusion, indo-western as well as most western outfits.

Women are not just purchasing Silk Thread Jewellery but they are also very keen to know how these stunning jewellery pieces are designed. Even some women who love DIYs, are taking immense interest in revamping their old jewellery pieces by using silk threads. So, in this blog, we are going to share some DIY tips to design Silk Thread Jewellery and you are going to love it.

Silk Thread Bangles

Silk Thread Bangles

These bangles look gorgeous. You can choose to design bangles of the same colour, multicolour, or colour coordinate with your special attires.

Material involved: Silk thread (thread colours of your choice), plain bangles, fabric glue, pearls, stones, beads, fabric lace, and a pair of scissors.


  • First of all, take a few strands of silk thread together and glue them at the end to get a hold and clean finishing.

  • Now put on some glue at the initial point on the inner side of the bangle. Start wrapping the bangle and keep the threads tight and properly aligned.

  • After you finish wrapping the bangle with silk thread, apply the glue and put pressure on it.

  • Let the glue dry and then paste the pearls, stones, or the lace, whatever you like. You can choose embellishments depending on what you love to wear.

  • This way you can create simple or heavily embellished bangles as per your personal choice.

Silk Thread Necklace

Silk Thread Necklace

Now let’s try a silk thread necklace, a common jewellery piece to enhance your look. You can design a simple necklace to wear with your casual outfits or you can also add little charms to your silk thread necklace to give it a little more desi glam look.

Material involved: Silk thread (the colour of your choice), fabric glue, loops, adjustable dori, a pair of scissors, pearls, stone chains, embellishments, kundan stones.


  • Measure your neck, how you want the fit of your necklace.

  • Cut 40 to 50 strands of silk thread as per the measurement and glue them together at the end. Repeat the same process 2 more times.

  • Now you have 3 gatherings of silk thread. Glue the strands together at their ends.

  • Then start creating a bread with these 3 gatherings. Use glue if required and make sure the bread is tight and should not fall away from each other.

  • Now the base of the necklace is ready, join the loops on both ends.

  • Then fix the adjustable dori with braid.

  • You can beautify the base of the necklace with pearls or other embellishments of your choice.

Silk Thread Earrings

Silk Thread Earrings

Women who love wearing Indian jewellery, must know the loveliness of silk thread earrings. These are very easy to carry, due to their lightweight, and look gorgeous with minimalistic makeup.

Material involved: Silk thread (the colour you like), hanging loops (you can also use your broken earrings), fabric glue, a pair of scissors, decorative items, and embellishments of your choice.


  • Measure the favourite length and take some strands of silk thread.

  • Fix one end with glue and tie it. Then stick it to the hanging loop. Now decorate it as you like.

  • You can also revamp your old earrings by using silk thread and embellishments. Just take a pair of old earrings and cover them by wrapping the silk thread. Then use stones or other decorative items to make them more attractive.

Things to remember

  • Jewellery design becomes cool when all the required stuff is kept convenient and arranged before clicking the start button.

  • Wrapping and gluing the silk thread needs patience and focus to get it right.

  • Use light-weight embellishments and place correctly with the help of glue and make sure to let the glue dry.

These are just a few simple DIY tips to design Silk Thread Jewellery. Once you start designing jewellery following these easy DIYs, then you can create it in many other ways. You can use different types of embellishments to create unique designs. And trust me girls, these jewellery pieces are always in, to revamp your simple looks.

So, just switch on your artistic mode and design your favourite Silk Thread Jewellery pieces by yourself.

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