Practical Tips to Protect Your Artificial Jewellery from Tarnishing

Practical Tips to Protect Your Artificial Jewellery from Tarnishing

June 29, 2022

Practical Tips to Protect Your Artificial Jewellery from Tarnishing

Jewellery is the first love for most women but everyone cannot afford gold, silver, diamonds, or platinum. This is where artificial jewellery comes in handy. It is very low-priced so you can invest in a variety of pieces to match multiple outfits. These jewellery pieces allow you to flaunt new trends and hacks without impacting your budget and without being guilty. The only problem is, over time it tarnishes and fades as it comes in contact with chemicals, various air, oils, acids, sweat, moisture, etc.

All sort of ornaments needs to be cared for to sustain their beauty and shine. Particularly when it comes to artificial jewellery, it begins to tarnish when you do not handle it with care. Even sterling silver and gold get a bit dark over time. You cannot control the other conditions that contribute to tarnishing but you can be conscious about the way you maintain your jewellery.

Check out some practical tips to protect your artificial jewellery from tarnishing:

Always store in a tight box wrapped in plastic bags

Foremost, it comes to storing you need to store your artificial ornaments in a tight container to avoid twisting and damage. Mostly we wear them during the day or for some occasions which means the time of storage is more than the time of exposure. Usually, we put our daily use earrings or rings with our clothes or anywhere making them inclined to get tangled and break. You can put them in zip lock bags or silica packets and then preserve them in a box to absorb extra moisture. When you store your fashion jewellery correctly it reduces the amount of oxygen and moisture adding more life to them.

Store dissimilar types of jewellery separately

The finest way to store your jewellery depends on its worth, type, materials, etc. For example, keep the oxidized pieces separate, gold-tone ones separate, and heavy pieces separate. Putting everything in the same box can cause them to get tarnished and stained. Keeping the variety of pieces separately like jhumki earrings, studs, bangles and rings also make it easy to find and easy to organize.

Avoid contact with perfumes and hairsprays

Always make sure to protect your jewellery from hairsprays and any kind of perfumes. These products can fade out the colour and polish your ornaments. We all know when we are leaving for the office or any other purpose, we are always in hurry but it's important to weigh up these things to protect your artificial jewellery. Make sure to use your hairsprays and perfumes before you put on the jewellery.

Clean regularly with wet wipes or a small brush

Cleaning is essential for anything we wear in the same way as your fashion accessories. Wearing some pieces for the entire day soaks sweat and other dirt making a sincere house for bacteria and germs. To avoid it, you need to clean your jewellery frequently. You can clean it with wet wipes or a cloth. For small pieces, you can use a toothbrush or small cleaning brushes. It will help better clean off the dirt from the inner sides and the edges.

Never store wet jewellery

The most prominent cause of tarnishing is interaction with liquids and moisture. For example, your rings and bangles may get wet while washing hands, applying moisturizer, or due to sweat as a result the metals and their plating break off. Storing your wet or moist jewellery makes it disposed to tarnishing. Make sure to let it dry well before you store it in a pouch or container.

Additional tip

Make it your thumb rule in your everyday life to wear your jewellery after completing your clothes, hair, and makeup. Similarly, remove it before you change your clothes, remove your makeup and wash your hands or face. These simple habits are little efforts that make your jewellery stay shiny for a longer time. You can also try using some jewellery protection sprays available in the market.

Summing up

Undeniably artificial jewellery is prone to tarnishing and you cannot use it for so many years but you can use it for a longer period if you take conscious care. So, if you are concerned about your collection, you should follow these tips. Other than that, you can invest in good brands that are presenting wonderful pieces at affordable prices. Look for karat gold, vermeil, and rhodium-plated ones because these pieces have prolonged life. Always pick the right jewellery and take proper care.

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