Know the upcoming top 7 artificial jewellery trends in 2023

Know the upcoming top 7 artificial jewellery trends in 2023

December 20, 2022

Know the upcoming top 7 artificial jewellery trends in 2023

Jewellery always becomes the center of attention in every look you carry, so it is important to know the latest jewellery trends that are going on in the market.

In this blog, we will talk about such 7 latest artificial jewellery trends that marked their way in the departure of 2022 and are here to stay in the year 2023.   


1. Colourful Earrings

Colourful meenakari earrings or jhumkas that are painted in beautiful vibrant colours, with little, detailed designs. You can pair these colourful earrings with your matching outfit, like going for blue jhumkas with blue outfits, or you can also go for colour block, like pairing golden jhumkas with a maroon outfit. At Eindiawholesale we have up to 50+ colour variations in Meenakari earrings, so you can pick your favourite colours easily.

wholesale earrings

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2. Kundan Maangtikka with earrings set

The matching Kundan mang tikka with their earrings set is one of the most loved categories globally. The royalty kundan jewellery gives non-questionable, but when you wear their mang tikka and earring set with any Indian outfit, the whole look becomes mesmerizing to the point that there won’t be any adjectives left to praise its beauty. So if you are a wedding guest, invest in a kundan mang tikka and earring set.

kundan earrings

gold color kundan earrings

3Minimal bangles

Bangles in all categories are every Indian women’s favourite. But these new minimal designer bangles are making a special place in every millennial woman's heart. They are available in almost every category, from oxidized to polki. You can even wear them for your day-to-day task and run errands in them because they are so light in weight and look gorgeous.

mint meena bangles set

oxidised bangles

4. Rhinestone anklets

Rhinestone anklets have these beautiful white stones carved in gold plated design which makes them very attractive to look at. Because these stones are very light in weight it doesn’t make the anklets heavy to wear. So you can easily wear them while doing household chores. Anklets hold a very special meaning in Indian society. Indian women love anklets in decent and lightweight designs. And these rhinestone anklets exactly understood that assignment.

white color anklets

gold color anklets


5. Multi-use brooches

Big statement brooches with glass stone and colourful beads are Instagram-worthy jewellery pieces. They can be used as a saree/dupatta pin or burkha pin. So you can ditch your normal safety pin and create a statement with these beautiful brooches. Eindiawholesale provides these brooches in a combo of 6 different colours so you can style a matching brooch with the matching colour of your outfit or however you like it.

saree dupatta pin

Burkha Pin & Dupatta / Saree Pin Combo

 6. Mirror kundan necklace set

Mirror kundan necklaces have been in trend for a long time now, and it appears like they are not going anywhere in 2023 too. The sleek and perfect definition that Indian craftsmen give to these necklaces is to die for. These mirror kundan necklace sets are so spellbinding that anyone will fall in love at first sight. Available in many different colours, designs, and lengths. With so much variation, they are a perfect pick for Indian women to style with their typical Indian outfits.

Kundan Mirror Necklaces Set

Purple Color Kundan Mirror Necklaces Set


7. Kundan bridal sets

The kundan, which is already famous for its royal look, is a perfect option for a Dulhan set. Kundan bridal sets give out the whole main character vibe, and check every box to deserve a special place in your wedding jewelry bag. So for all the bride-to-be, take notes, Eindiawholesale has just brought in the new and latest designer kundan bridal sets in impeccable quality that you must check out.

Green Color Kundan Dulhan Set

Red Color Kundan Dulhan Set

These were the top 7 artificial jewellery trends that you should bookmark now and place an order for immediately.

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