5 Reasons to Buy Kundan Jewellery for Occasions

5 Reasons to Buy Kundan Jewellery for Occasions

June 29, 2022

5 Reasons to Buy Kundan Jewellery for Occasions

Kundan jewellery is a must-have for women who adore wearing jewellery. It holds a mark of peers of the realm and magnificent values of the earliest India. It offers a beautiful and royal look when you wear it on special occasions. These statement jewels are extremely decorative with stunning and elaborate work on them. These are multipurpose pieces of jewellery that women can flaunt at weddings, engagements, parties, festivals, or any other occasion. Kundan studded Indian jewellery presents a natural glow and attractiveness to women. The lovely collection comes in numerous designs and colours, lightweight and heavy pieces, including necklaces, jhumka earrings, rings, bangles, anklets, nose rings, mangalsutras, hair accessories, and whatnot. The best part about these everlasting ornaments is they are available at pocket-friendly prices. You can pick gorgeous jewellry for any type of event be it big or small.

Versatile and Radiant

Kundan jewellery is multipurpose and holds the potential to add the desired vibrancy to your looks. The glamorous collection blends perfectly with any kind of get-up. From the oldest styles to the latest trends, you can see celebrities breezing through these charms. Many renowned actresses wore these pieces at their weddings. Fashion influencers have seen flaunting Kundan necklaces and earrings with western wear proving that these are a necessity for occasions. Even if you are wearing a simple outfit, a single piece can revamp your entire look. You can put on them for any juncture be it a party, festival, wedding, or engagement.

Numerous collections are available

The amazing ornaments are welcomed for their dazzling and imperial appearance and masterly crafting. You can see plentiful varieties to choose from that makes them such a big hit among Indians. You can find anything ranging from earrings to anklets, maang tikka, bangles, and many more stunning jewels. Whether you like to wear heavy traditional pieces or contemporary and lightweight ones, you can find both types. Many jewellers offer customized pieces so you can get the best fits for yourself as per your preferences.

The essence of loveliness

Kundan jewellery has been a staple since ancient times. Being among the oldest Indian ornaments today these are classified as a noble choice. These charms are adorned with various stones like jade, topaz, emeralds, and more. These are also common for their shimmering appearance because they are extremely polished. Their fascinated prettiness and unconventional history are what make all women chase them. When women wear these stunning jewels, they appear so attractive like queens, especially the brides who look like a dream. If you want to rock any occasion you should get some statement pieces.

An everlasting tradition

Kundan jewels keep on popular for their exquisiteness and intricacy among traditional Indian jewelry. These pieces are laced up in sophistication and deep-rooted in Indian hearts. These are in trend from ancient times and going to remain forever. These are knottily fashioned that simply radiate the elegance of the women. These charms broadly came into the limelight after movies like Jodha Akbar and Ram Leela. Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai depicted their leading role wearing spellbinding Kundan jewellery setting the fire on the screen. In this modern age, women are crazy about these trinkets. Fashion icons love to wear and flaunt them.

A budget-friendly alternative

Just imagine a spectacular necklace draped around your neck without disturbing your bank. It is the top reason to invest in these charms. You get stylishness, glamour, and royal touch at affordable prices. Women who don’t want to spend on expensive metals can pick these gorgeous pieces depending on their budget and choices. Undeniably it’s a steal deal. These are easily available online as well as in offline stores. You can also look for designer imitation jewels. Occasions particularly wedding-related, literally can make a hole in one’s pocket because there are abundant things one has to spend money on. So, if you are on a constricted budget then we recommend that you opt for these lovely charms as these are far cheaper and easily accessible. This way only you can save some money but you will also make a statement when you wear these jewels.

The bottom line

It is said that anciently the Kundan jewellery decked with gold foil and gemstones was invented in the royal courts of Rajasthan. Earlier these were worn by royal families. Kundan makers believe that today’s modern women are not less than the ancient royal women so they should never be deprived of these fascinating fine charms. These jewels go effortlessly with all Indian attires. Women should have these pieces in their jewellery collection for their special occasions.

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