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How to Prevent Jewelry from Tarnishing

How to Prevent Jewelry from Tarnishing

June 29, 2022

Usually women or girls take care of their things consciously, particularly fashion and beauty products. Their clothes, footwear, watches etc. can be found in good conditions but when it comes to prevent silver or artificial jewelry from tarnishing, many of them become helpless. As the cost of gold and platinum jewellery isn’t affordable for everyone, large number of people prefer silver or artificial. Therefore, EIndiaWholesale brings some useful tips so that you can preserve the look of your jewelry and enjoy long-lasting service.

Use Topcoat Spray

Although, it is not possible to use top-coat transparent spray for all kinds of products, particularly items beautified with diamonds. This spray is recommended for simple chain, bracelet, ring, earrings etc. Silver Jewelry becomes greenish over the period of time and artificial one start losing polish when comes into the contact of moisture of air, sweat etc. So, this spray will keep such harmful things away and increase the life of your products.

Correct Time of Use Perfume

Perfume and powder are the essential products of women’s make-up kit. Either they are going to attend wedding or going to movie or for dinner, perfume and powder will surely be used for make- up. Basically, these items contains contaminants that are responsible for tarnishing jewelry. Therefore, it is recommended to use perfume before you wear necklace, chain, pendant etc. Also, try to avoid using powder because it becomes chemical when react with sweat which is responsible for jewelry fading.

Jewelry Storage

As mentioned above, such items start becoming fading when comes into the contact of air. Therefore, it is recommended to store your items in properly. You should always keep your jewelry items into zip-lock air-tight pouch to keep them away from moisture. You can also go for jewelry boxes to store your rings, necklaces etc. Apart from stop fading, there are many other benefits of using jewelry boxes like chances of being stolen decreases, probabilities of being misplaced decreases, and more.

Cleaning with Consciousness

You should ask yourself a question “Is it made for jewelry cleaning?” whenever you use any cleaning for cleaning your products. Always buy a solution which is made particularly made of such use only. Many women and girls use thinner to clean which is not recommended at all for artificial jewelry. However, it can be used when items is made of silver or gold or platinum only and no diamond is used. Thinner will clean the metal parts but it may damage stones.

In case of have any question, feel free to post your comment.

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