Interesting south Indian wedding rituals you should check

Interesting south Indian wedding rituals you should check

August 17, 2022

south Indian wedding rituals

Wedding celebrations in India are full of life, colors, food, and fun, mixed with a bundle of different emotions. The diversity makes it even special as no Hindu weddings are completely similar. There are variations in traditions and rituals depending on the community or region you belong to.

And that is why there is a huge difference between north Indian and south Indian wedding rituals. So, today let’s learn about some interesting and traditional rituals of a south Indian wedding.

1. Mangala Snanam

This is the first ritual that takes place where the bride and groom take the auspicious bath in their respective homes to prepare themselves for the rituals.

2. Pellikuturu or “Making of the Bride”

This is the most beautiful ritual where the bride is dressed up by her mother, sisters, and close friends. They all help the bride to get ready in her kanjeevaram saree and lots of south Indian jewellery like kamarbandh, bajubandh, heavy necklaces, and south Indian earrings. It is a warm and intimate moment for the bride and her family.

3. Gauri puja

This tradition is only performed at the bride's residence. After getting ready in her traditional south indian jewellery and saree, the bride performs a small puja and takes blessings from the goddess gauri for a prosperous marriage life ahead. This is the most prosperous ritual to seek divinity from the goddess.

4. Vratham

The south wedding ceremony starts when the bride and groom separately perform Vratham. For the bride, it means tying off the kappu or the holy thread on her wrist to ward off any evil spirit. The groom worships the deities: Indra, Soma, Chandra, and Agni, to prepare himself for a new chapter in his life

5. Kashi Yatra

This is an important and also one of the most interesting south Indian wedding ceremony, where the groom pretends to go on a kashi yatra to renounce worldly pleasures and makes his way to Varanasi in his slippers, an umbrella, and a bamboo fan. There he is stopped by the bride’s father who persuades him to assume the responsibility of a household and promises to give him his daughter as a companion to face the challenges of life.

6. Exchange of Garlands

It is a fun ceremony, where the bride and grooms are lifted on the shoulders of their respective uncles and exchange garlands three times. This exchange marks a complete union of the couple.

7. Oonchal: Swing, Ride, and Singing of Laali

The highlight of the south Indian weddings is fun ceremonies like this one. In this bride and groom are seated on a swing, Oonchal and ladies gather around them to sing laali as they swing back and forth. This ceremony also has a deep meaning where the chains of the swing represent the eternal Karmic link with the god, and the to-and-fro motion of the swing represents the ups and downs of life.

8. Kanya Dhaanam

In this ceremony, the bride's father gives the bride to the groom. In south Indian traditions, the bride is made to sit on her father’s lap before giving away.

9. Maangalya Dharanam

Maangalya dharanam is the tying of mangalsutra or thaali at an auspicious hour. The interesting part about this ceremony is while the groom is tying the gold mangalsutra around the bride’s neck the Nadaswaram drums (an instrument that is considered auspicious in the south and is used in temples and religious festivals)are beaten loud and fast.

10. Mangala Aarthi

South Indians strongly believe in warring off any evil energy during such auspicious times. Keeping that in mind a solution of turmeric powder and lime is prepared on a plate and thrown away many times during the ceremony, which wards off the evil eye.

These were the 10 most interesting ceremonies of a south Indian wedding. They are a lot in all aspects and in our opinion if you ever get a chance to attend a south Indian wedding don’t miss it.

Closing line :

The traditions, culture, and rituals might not be the same for everyone, but the intentions of love, care, and happiness of their loved ones will never differ.

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