Makeup Tips for Bride You Must Learn

Makeup Tips for Bride You Must Learn

June 29, 2022

Makeup Tips for Bride You Must Learn

Every bride wants an immaculate and memorable wedding. You want everything to be fabulous and for that, you must be looking for eye-grabbing décor, beautiful mehndi designs, gorgeous outfits and Dulhan set online or offline.

So, let’s make a checklist. Outfit ready, décor and mehndi design decided, jewellery decided if not you can pick temple jewellery as it looks picture perfect with wedding attires. But when it comes to makeup, you need to learn it for yourself because you can’t have your makeup artist with you all the time.

Let’s keep your makeup at the top of the list because it is going to enhance your aesthetic appearance. Even you have the best makeup team, it’s a good idea to learn some essential makeup tips.

Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is vital to prepare your skin for the finest makeup look. You can get your skin tested with your makeup artist to know the best skincare routine for your skin or consult a dermatologist if you have any skin problems. They can prescribe you some supplements and preparations. Follow a good skincare regime and a healthy lifestyle to get a natural glow. Hydrate yourself and get adequate sleep.

Get a complete makeup trial before the wedding

It’s a decent idea to try new stuff you never tried before. You can’t try new things on your wedding day so it’s better to try early. For example, if you are looking to use false eyelashes on your big day, take a trial in advance. You should be sure that you are relaxed wearing them and also know how to put on and take away them. It will also help you make sure that your products suit your skin tone and attire and attain the makeup look you desire.

Prioritize your comfort

Comfort is significant. The best makeup is when you feel comfortable with it. Don’t try the makeup you never tried before and that makes you uncomfortable. You look most beautiful when you feel comfortable with what you wear, whether it's makeup or an outfit.

Use primer

Never skip a primer when applying makeup. After moisturizing your skin, you must smear a slim layer of primer. Primer works as a temporary corrector as it fills in engorged pores and polishes fine lines. It helps make an even base to allow the makeup set correctly. Make sure to apply primer using your fingertips to get a natural finish. Use matt primer if you want less shine and use an enlightening primer if you want a shiny look.

Use waterproof products

I am sure nobody desires the lines of eye makeup coming down your face especially when you are a bride. Low-quality makeup products can spoil your appearance and your confidence as well. Invest in waterproof makeup products such as eyeliner, mascara, foundation, etc. also consider the weather conditions while doing your makeup.

Make sure your foundation compliments your skin

It’s important to pick a seamless foundation that matches your skin tone flawlessly. A perfect foundation helps you create a natural look. For example, powder foundation helps to set your makeup spotlessly and it also evades oily skin but if you put on too much powder, it can make your skin look parched. Get the best foundation for your skin type, colour, and coverage. Supper the foundation properly on your face and neck.

Don’t ignore your lips

Sometimes we keep focusing on our face and eye makeup and we ignore the lips. Don’t ignore the beautiful smile. Always moisturize your lips with a good lip balm and scrub your lips regularly. While doing makeup outline your lips with a nude lip liner and then fill lip colour for a fuller and clean look. Choose the texture of lip colour (matt or glossy) as per your preference.

Keep the necessities handy

Keep your lipstick and blotting paper handy for touch up. Most women have pressed powder in their handbags but you should never reapply powder. It’s better to have blotting sheets to engross oil. Blotting paper doesn’t annoy the makeup, it just picks up the excess oil providing a lustre-free finish. At last, don’t forget to use setting spray from some distance to make your makeup last longer. Your makeup should imitate your personality, compliment your outfit and make you appear yourself but highlighted. These makeup tips are surely going to help you on your big day and even after that to get an impeccable makeup look.

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