Name of Rajasthani Jewellery with Images

Name of Rajasthani Jewellery with Images

June 29, 2022

Conspicuous images of forts, palaces, mansion, camel, brave kings etc. come to mind when it is about to say or write something about Rajasthan. Each thing of Rajasthan has its own beauty and joy. Beauty of forts & mansion arrests attention, joy of camel safari here can’t be experienced anywhere, loveliness in khamma ghani (greetings in Rajasthani language) cannot be found anywhere, and artwork of Rajasthan can’t be competed. However, the land is known for numerous things but its jewellery and outfits are famous more than enough across the globe. Popularity of Rajasthani Jewellery can be assumed after understanding the meaning of song use to play in ads of Rajasthan Tourism.

Song: Maati baandhe painjanee, Bangdi pehne baadli, dedo-dedo baavdo, ghod-mathod baavdi.

Meaning: The land is wearing anklets, The sky is wearing bangles, The clouds in a happy frenzy have taken different shapes, The beautiful revolving and round earth….

After seeing the translation, you may become more excited to know the name of Rajasthani Indian Jewelry.

Borla or Rakhdi

Borla or rakhdhi is commonly known as maang tikka! This ornament is use to wear on head and looks super-impressive on traditional outfits, particularly on lehenga. You can find numerous designs and varieties in borla such as diamonds, kundan, meena, and more. In shape, rakhdi looks like combination of semi-hemisphere and bell. You may surprise to know that this is an essential ornament of Rajasthani bride. Borla is one of the forms of maang tikka.


Aad (Choker Necklace)

This is much-much important for Rajputi Bride. In Rajputs, wedding of bride cannot endowed without aad. Aad is an Indian form of choker necklace. You can see Aishwarya in Jodha Akbar and Deepika in Padmavat wearing a stunning aad. Kundan-meena aads are most stunning and trendy in market. Below are some stupendous designs of it.



The importance of bajubandh is alike above two ornaments. A Rajputi bride is incomplete without Bajubandh. In simple words, it is similar to bracelet use to wear between shoulder and elbow. In English, this ornament is named as armlets. A good fashion sense says a bride should wear aad and bajubandh of same design. You can see such ornaments in arms of Devsena and Shivgamini.


Kardhani or Kamarbandh

English name of kardhani or kamarbandh is waist chain. However, its name make it to seem a chain only but Indian art make it much-more than a chain. Chances of to be seen of kardhani is higher in south Indian weddings than Rajasthani. Such kind of ornament adds four-moons in beauty of Indian women. Although, it is not as important as above three ornaments are but still numerous women wish to have a beautiful kamarbandh in their almirah.


Nath (Bali)

In Rajasthani culture, it is believed that nath makes bride and married women complete. Therefore, you can see this in nose of every Rajputi bride. However, married women don’t wear this in routine life but they use to wear on special occasion such as weddings, baby shower, Karwa Chauth and more. Nath is basically a nose ring joined to ear with chain.


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