Tips to Accessorize Jewellery with Your Outfit

Tips to Accessorize Jewellery with Your Outfit

June 29, 2022

Tips to Accessorize Jewellery with Your Outfit

Thinking about the right accessories to pair with your outfits? Well, it’s a common glitch for women. Sometimes finding suitable accessories to compliment your clothing is more difficult than finding the right outfit. Which outfit demands more jewellery and which needs less, should I wear the earrings or should I wear the necklace, it will look good with a bracelet or bangles, which watch will look good with this outfit and much more. The wrong selection can spoil the look of your outfit so it’s vital to pick the perfect matches.

We are here to help you simplify all these struggles. So, let’s have a look at some practical tips to accessorize jewellery with different outfits.

Accessorize Depending on The Occasion


Whatever you do up that should be appropriate for the occasion you are getting ready for. For work, try to be more moderate with your jewellery. Small and dainty accessories are perfect for work such as stud earrings and elegant bracelets.

Attending a formal event? Consider fine gemstones and fine jewellery. Going to a party or hanging out with friends? Be bold and full of fun. Getting ready for a Wedding reception or engagement party? Put on some Indian jewelry pieces to beautify your ethnic appearance.

Consider the Colour & Print of Your Outfit

Wearing a loud print or dark colour, make sure your ornaments are quieter. If you are picking a solid colour simple dress, you can be more creative with your jewellery to renovate the look of your simple clothing. Oxidized jewellery can do wonders with plain and solid colour attires.

For example, if you are wearing embellished clothes it's better to avoid necklaces and wear simple earrings. Wearing a black dress with red footwear, pick up some red ornaments to fetch the outfit together.

Feel Free to Mix & Match

Many women avoid mixing different metals such as gold, copper, silver, rose gold, etc. Feel free to mix and match to create your style. Another way of mixing up is to have fun with texture and size. For example, you can wear necklaces of various lengths and bracelets of various widths.

Reflect On The Neckline of Your Outfit

It's very important to consider the neckline of your dress while choosing the neckpiece. Your necklace should balance your neckline. It should be noticeable but not contest with your clothes. The perfect piece of necklace can highlight your dress and the wrong one can be a disruption. For example, a short statement neckpiece flows well with a sweetheart neckline.

  • Turtleneck: Long pendants or chains.
  • Scoop neck: shorter pendants.
  • Square neck: Angular pendants.
  • Crew neck: Collar necklaces and statement pieces.
  • Strapless: Choker or layered.
  • Off-shoulder or one shoulder: Asymmetric neckpieces and choker.
  • Collar neck: Choker or short pendant.
  • V neck: Layered or V-shape pendants

Stop Being Matchy All The Time

Why match the colour of your accessories with the colour of your clothes every time? You can choose to wear various balancing colours or a flashy one with a neutral-tone outfit. It's always reliable to wear metal jewellery if you are jumbled about selecting the right colours. You can also opt for diamond-looking pieces with any colour of clothes. It's a better idea to balance a light shade with a bright one. For example, if you are wearing a bright dress you can pick light colour accessories or oxidized jewellery whereas if you are wearing a mute colour you can look for loud colour ornaments.

Think About Your Skin Tone

You wear accessories very close to your skin so select the pieces that flatter your skin tone. Having bluish veins and red or pink undertones means you have a cool skin tone while having greenish veins and yellowish undertones mean you have a warm skin tone. For cool, white gold and platinum or similar ornaments works best. For warm, rose gold and yellow cold or similar shades works best. Diamond-like accessories, and rose gold suit well on all skin tones so you can give them a try.

Quick Bonus Tips

  • Accessorizing your outfit is an individual choice but when you are confused, a small necklace or elegant earrings helps to complete your get-up.
  • • Rings, simple earrings, a watch, and dainty layered necklaces can be the go-to everyday accessories for any woman or girl. These pieces are easy to carry and are suitable for any outfit.
  • Match contrast jewellery with sarees such as pearl pieces with simple prints and simple Indian jewellery with heavy embroidered sarees.
  • When wearing a lehenga, do not do too much with accessories because it already has a lot.

Closing Words

When you have several options to choose from, you may pick the off-beam piece that can ruin your appearance. Follow these incredible tips to carry a stunning look. Spice up your get-up with some fabulous pieces of jewellery. Make the greatest use of your ornaments without being repetitive. Have fun and be creative with your accessories and see how they make a statement about your style. Whatever you wear, be confident about it and be comfortable with it.

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