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Top 5 Fashion Jewellery Trends Of 2022

Top 5 Fashion Jewellery Trends Of 2022

Many trends have come up regarding jewelry design, among which some have trended for a long time, and others are relatively new. Here are some of the jewelry trends for 2022 which are evergreen and suitable for every event.

Women are fond of ornaments and want to look perfect for every occasion. It evaluates their look in a few seconds, even if they have a simple outfit. Wearing a single piece of necklace, earrings, body chain, or even bracelet can change the vibe.

Looking at all your interest in fashion and passion for following the latest trend, we have mentioned the top 5 fashion jewelry trends of 2022. These ornaments not only enhance your look but also provide a unique appearance in the crowd.

Best 5 Fashion Jewelry Set Trending in 2022

1] Gold Color Glass Stone Maang Tikka

This gold color glass stone maang tikka gives a traditional look for any occasion that you want to wear. This ornament is made up of alloy with good-quality gold plated. It is 12.50 cm long and 4 cm wide, which makes it huge. And contain a gross weight of 24 grams with glass stone and beads that makes it heavy enough to wear.

maang tikka
If you want this maang tikka, then you can purchase it from E-India Wholesale. And keep it away from heat and chemicals like perfume, deo, or alcohol for its long life. Clean with a dry cotton cloth and keep it away from moisture.

2] Maroon Color Meenakari Necklace Set

This jewelry set contains a pair of earrings length 6 cm and 2.50 cm in width, a maang tikka of length 14 cm and a width of 2.50 cm, and a neckless of 18 cm long and 7 cm wide. Kundan stone with pearl imitation is used, which is embellished in alloy metal and contains a gross weight of 153 grams.

meenakari necklace set
This combo is a handmade jewelry trend 2022, which makes it suitable for parties or similar occasions. It is gold plated that can fade quickly in moisture, so keep it in an airtight container and avoid heat and chemicals from it.

3] Multi Color Oxidised Mint Meena Earrings

This friction-back multi-color jhumka is designed with tiny beads of various colors that make it suitable for every outfit. Its dimension is 5 cm in length and 2.30 cm in width, which has a gross weight of 27 grams. This pair is made of alloy with a good quality silver plated on the inner surface of the earrings, and color beads give it a traditional look with a modern touch.

oxidised mint meena earrings

The metal used in these earrings and plating is very sensitive and rapidly fades when it comes in contact with the air for a long time. So, you should avoid heat and chemicals like perfume and clean them with a dry cotton cloth. Store it in an airtight container after use, so it doesn't get affected by moisture.

4] Blue Color Mirror Work Meenakari Necklace Set

Blue color mirror work meenakari necklace set consists of one piece of necklace, a pair of earrings, and one piece of maang tikka. This is one of the best jewelry on this list, with a necklace that has a length of 18 cm and a width of 5cm. It also consists of large earrings which are 5 cm in length and width of 3.50 cm, and maang tikka of 13 x 3.50 cm. Mirror and beads work make this necklet set more attractive.

meenakari necklace set

This jewelry set is made of alloy with a gold plating, which is highly sensitive and can be washed out in contact with moisture, heat, and chemicals used in perfume and deo. So, keep away from these materials and store them in an airtight container.

5] Pink Color Kundan Meenakari Necklace Set

A pink color Kundan meenakari necklace set is one of the uniquely designed necklaces that is suitable for various outfits. This set consists of a pair of spherical earrings with a meenakari design and a rope-like necklace made of Kundan and beats. This gives it a modern look that is trending in today’s time and is suitable for every occasion.

 meenakari necklace set

The length of the necklace is 54 cm, and its width is 2 cm which makes it huge. Whereas the earring's length is 5 cm, width is 2 cm, and gross weight goes up to 131 grams. It is made up of an alloy that has gold plated on beads.

If you want to secure it for a long time, then keep it away from heat and chemicals and clean it with a dry cloth. Keep it in an airtight container after use to avoid moisture.

Bottom Line
Jewelry is an essential part of any woman's life, and they want to be in the limelight on various occasions. Above are some of the top jewelry sets that are trending in today’s time and help to enhance your look at the same time. Among them, some ornaments have a traditional design that never gets old and is suitable for almost every dress code. All these sets are available on E-India Wholesale, and you can grab all the items by visiting the website.
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