7 Jewellery Mistakes You Must Avoid

7 Jewellery Mistakes You Must Avoid

June 29, 2022

7 Jewellery Mistakes You Must Avoid

Most women own stunning jewellery collections be it premium jewellery or artificial jewellery. Accessorizing your clothes with fabulous jewellery is the simplest way to elevate and highlight your complete look. Whatever look you want to achieve be it glam, elegant or subtle, the accurate pieces of jewellery can help you get it. Just like you need to pick suitable jewellery for different looks, you should also avoid jewellery mistakes that may ruin your overall look and even your best outfit.

You know how to style and take care of your clothes but you may neglect the jewellery. Perfect embellishing demands some jewellery etiquettes that you must know to avoid fashion disasters and make your accessories last longer. Check out the most common jewellery mistakes you must avoid making the best use of your jewellery.

Not Cleaning Your Jewellery Habitually

If you are using your jewels regularly then it also requires consistent cleaning. Jewellery touches your skin makes sweat, dust, and moisture house numerous bacteria within it. Particularly, with frequent use, your artificial jewellery may tarnish. For example, daily wear rings and stud s. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean your jewellery. Avoid using baking soda, toothpaste, and sanitizers to clean your metal jewellery because it has a diminishing effect. Wearing untidy and stained ornaments can be a reason for embarrassment so make sure to clean them to maintain their sparkle, polish, and prevent tarnish. It's better to get your jewellery cleaned by professionals at least once a year.

Wearing the Same Pieces Frequently

We all do that; I love wearing my oxidized earrings every day and it's very convenient to get into this habit. You must avoid this practice. You may have not noticed that your everyday pieces get grimy in places. For example, stud earrings gather chemicals behind your ear lobes. Make it a habit to remove your everyday ornaments recurrently for cleaning at least once a week. When you wear the same jewellery every day, don’t you think it’s boring. Try to use the assortment on an everyday basis.

Wearing Jewellery Whiles Getting in Contact with Water

The easiest way to harm your accessories. We all know about it but still, we neglect it. You should not wear your jewellery in water for so many reasons. Let’s take an example of swimming, you may lose your tiny pieces while swimming. Swimming pool water has chlorine that reacts to your jewellery, it can discolour and spoil your oxidised jewellery, precious metals and gemstones. In seawater, salt can negatively impact your metals charms, and diamonds. After the shower, there may be some residues of soap, shampoo or conditioner left behind, which can cause damage.

Pairing with Wrong Outfits & Colours

Avoid wearing the pieces which clatter with the shade of your clothing. It's very easy-going to ruin the grace of your outfit by picking the wrong jewellery. For example, never pair a white kurta with pearls and a gold necklace with heavily embellished clothes. I have also seen many women wearing silver jewellery with dresses having heavy gold embroidery and it doesn’t look good at all. It’s better to plan the experiments with different colours, metals, and stones.

Not Storing Appropriately

You may have a huge collection of fabulous ornaments but if you are not storing them correctly it is not going to last longer due to ravage and discoloration. How you store your jewels also impacts your appearance when you wear them. Get a separate box with dividers and use soft fabric lining to store your jewels. It helps avoid scratches and tangling of delicate pieces. Humid conditions are harmful to ornaments as they can tarnish them. Store each piece separately in the box or the small zip-lock pouches. Arrange different pieces and colours separately such as oxidized earrings, gold-tone earrings, rose gold jewels, pearl jewellery, etc. A necklace tree is also a good option if you can clean your charms more often to prevent dust accumulation.

Considering Quantity Over Quality

Jewels are precious for women whether it's gold, silver, diamond, or artificial jewellery. Make sure you purchase them from reliable stores and invest in quality pieces. It's better to consider quantity over quality. Many stores are offering cheap quality products at inexpensive rates. You must be cautious about the good grade workmanship. Shop at reputed stores to make the best of your jewels. Avoid wasting your money on cheap pieces which may get damaged just after a few uses and break easily. Cheap-quality jewellery can disgrace your best outfits.

Wearing Too Many or Poorly Fitted Pieces

If you adore wearing ornaments, overdoing may create a messy look. It also averts your treasured elements from making a statement and being justly cherished. It's vital to oppose your impulse of putting on those heavy bracelets, necklaces, oxidized earrings, and statement rings altogether. Learn to keep it a nominal and classic for graceful elegant look. Plan your outfit and ornaments accordingly to compliment your entire get-up. Wearing tight or poorly fitted rings doesn’t enhance the look of your hands. Always consider the right fitted and comfortable pieces.

Wrapping up

Jewellery can easily create or spoil your whole appearance. Be sure to maintain, store and style your charms suitably. Avoid above enlisted jewellery mistakes and flatter your gorgeous collection with the right outfits. It will also help you utilize your ornaments in the finest possible way.

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