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Secret Behind Heart Shaped Jewelry

Secret Behind Heart Shaped Jewelry

July 11, 2022

Secret Behind Heart Shaped Jewelry

Let me share with you a little secret. The heart shape that we all know very well has nothing with the heart beating inside our chest. And by nothing I mean NOTHING! But then it leaves behind a question, if the shape wasn’t formulated on our most primed organ, then what was it based on? We will preoccupy with understanding the origin of this popular shape and why it is so famous throughout the world today.

Connotations of the Heart

When thinking of the shape of the heart, it brings up implications in our mind of love, dedication, and romance. Possibly this is because it is based on the image of two swans kissing; swans, the symbol of elegance, grace, calmness, and beauty. When the swans bend their necks downwards, it calls a feeling of humility, just how women over the years have been expected to act.

The Origin of the Shape of the Heart

This shape is not as contemporary as we may believe it to be. It dates back to the 7th century, to the city of Cyrene, house of the North African plant silphium. Cyrene was famous for the dealing of this rare plant which, due to its incomparable properties, was used as a form of birth control. However, as a consequence of its high demand and thus overexploitation, the plant soon became no longer exist. The government tried its best to have more silphium cultivated as it had such therapeutic value. However, it was no use; the plant could not be cultivated. As the plant was so essential to the economy of the city of Cyrene, the government had made coins to illustrate the silphium seed pot which in actual fact was the design of the heart that we all know today.

The Fun with Hearts

I love hearts. I used to love being a child and scrawl on my notebooks during class I♥(Insert whichever guy’s name I thought was appealing at the time. It’s lasted a week only!) Over the years I moved beyond this style, but I never outgrew the fun of hearts. They are everywhere. Even my rough notes which seem to decorate my work surface are heart-shaped! And why not, they keep things entertaining and keep me happy.

The Beauty Behind Heart Shaped Jewelry

Heart-shaped jewelry has its quirky element of fun and is made approachable for all ages. It makes an awful gift when buying for a loved one or even for yourself! It’s easy to carry and somehow always seems to look elegant and eye-catchy when worn. A heart-shaped piece of jewelry will never go outdated, thus making it the best item of jewelry to buy when young as you will have it for years to come due to its amazement. This being said, buying heart shape jewelry when older is also just as beautiful as in the early days. I have seen some of the most beautiful heart rings being personalized with names of loved ones or made to sparkle with Swarovski or diamonds.

Heart-shaped jewelry is happily ever to give on any occasion and will always be appreciated with open arms. Or for a more romantic gift between loved ones, why not try heart-shaped zircon jewelry and giving your bae something special this season is something you shall never miss. And giving her a cubic zircon ring will be the best idea. Zircon jewelry pieces are extremely pretty and are affordable to purchase.

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