How to Plan a Wedding within a Budget

How to Plan a Wedding within a Budget

July 11, 2022

Planning your wedding in full flashiness will require a big investment. With so much glamour and glitter around, you must be well aware of the cost it would require to set up such grandeur. While executing every each step of your wedding functions, you will be highly amazed to realize how much of a simple floral arrangement would cost! And to execute a budget wedding you require looking closely over every facet of your wedding because enchanting decor, beautiful wedding attire, an expert catering service, photographers, and gifts come with a burly price tag.

For all the anticipatory brides and grooms who are closer to their BIG day, our step-by-step guide can help you out with an intelligent budget structure that can restore the majesty of your ceremony and that too at in budget cost.

Draft your Financial Situation in Detail

Finance is the foot line for any party, ceremony, or event. For organizing a successful event you should be backed up with appropriate funds to arrange the wedding of your dreams. While you are discussing your budget details, rule out the contributor or sponsor of your wedding whether it is going to be your parents or any other guardian. If you are also a part patron of your wedding, keep in mind that post-wedding expenses are also waiting for you. Thus, utilize your money efficiently and avoid spending it fatuously.

Deciding Over Venue

It is advisable to choose a venue closer to your house, as it will save a lot of your cost in hiring rental cars or buses. Keep in mind to choose your wedding venue months before your wedding date. Like the vendors, resorts, or banquet hall try to guzzle up more and more when a marriage season is at its peak, it is wise to select a location in advance. Try to choose a venue that gives you a combo deal with food & venue inclusive charges.

Less Flowers & Decor

Flowers are the key choice of any décor but if we don’t waste too many flowers the budget can be restored properly. We all know the wedding can’t be beautiful without the flowers, so we are just saying to limit it don’t cut it. Don’t use unlimited flowers so that it gets wasted the next day. Where it is necessary only there use the flowers otherwise just try to keep away from it. You can add props like frames, ladders, fairy lights, birdcages, and more which can easily be reused even after the wedding in your new home décor. The idea is to add a few eye-catching elements that will set the tone of the décor, and not do anything OTT.

Make Off-Season Purchase or Rent Out

As we know that an item in demand always costs higher in a popular season. Keeping this in mind, buy your wedding costume in an Off-season. What’s more, you might be lucky enough to get your dress at a 50% or a bulky discount! This is a great opportunity to buy your dresses from your wished brands that otherwise have a bigger price inscription on them. No bride will ever compromise on her dream wedding. It’s something she has waited for so long that budget shouldn't dissuade her from having a fabulous wedding. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at how to circulate the budget for wedding outfits.

Now, you might think this is incredibly impossible. But it is not. The answer to the puzzle is RENT AN OUTFIT At least some outfits. You can look like a million bucks at 1/10th the price and easily get away with wearing designer lehengas and sarees at the snatch of a cost. If you rent out the big-ticket outfits like the wedding dress, reception outfits, and maybe that one or two sisters of the bride outfits, then it will leave you with quite a bit of additional cash to spend on outfits and apparel pieces that you will wear later on as well. It’s all about 'modish spending'. You can also consider artificial jewellery for wedding ceremonies that can save you thousands of bucks.

Take Expert Advice

When you are much confused about what to buy and whatnot, it would be best to hire a wedding planner who knows the nooks and crannies of arranging such fancy occasions. A wedding planner is one who is well aware of the cost, arrangements and can customize your need within his circuit. This is a complete myth that hiring a wedding planner can disrupt your budget. But, a wedding planner can channelize your capital into useful supplies so that your wedding is not devoid of any important piece. These planners have connections as well as knowledge to bring about the best out of your explained budget.

Create a Rational Guest List

When you are running tight on funds, having your guest list to the minimum is a smart step. Do you really need to invite 500 guests or 100 guests who are at your prime priority? Try to bring out a list of those guests that are really important for you to call. This would include your relatives, cousins, and some really close friends.

Plan in Advance

Book your caterers, venue, photographers, and decorators in advance since a spontaneous wedding season booking can make a mess out of your budget. You are going to take a hit when you are about to catch a party caterer at the last minute. Just remember that last-minute preparations are not favorable to your budget. Moreover, it is a possibility that all the local vendors are unavailable and you have to outsource them from another city. This would add the charge of their conveyance to your budget. Thus, making reservations in advance helps minimize your budget wisely.

Creative Invitations

These days it is not a ritual anymore to invite your friends or relatives by physically giving them actual cards. And for the guests who are out of the station, you seriously cannot afford to visit all of their homes personally or speed post every card.

Well, it’s time to go digital this time. Create your invitation cards online and post them on your social media platforms or message/WhatsApp or mail them personally for inviting them. This would save a lot of paper as well as your hard money. There are some trending invitation modes and are certainly pocket-friendly. There are a lot of websites that give free templates and printables. It will cost you hardly anything.

Plan Your Honeymoon

After all the wedding ideas, one of the most important parts is the planning for Honeymoon. It is time to get to know your partner deeply and bond along. Planning your honeymoon together will make you understand each other preferences and tastes. But at the moment, a beautiful place which is favorable for both and makes it special and beautiful. Small places or exclusive locations could be amazing when your partner is with you.

With all the proposals, recommendations, and suggestions in your proximity, it is hoped that you have an idea as to how to organize your wedding within a budget. Just make sure that nothing is amiss and everything is clearly defined in your final list of preparations. Keep your list elastic enough to add or remove the items that would be required at the time. Taking a consultant would surely prove advantageous for planning a ceremony of this scale.

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