Jewelry Fit for Hollywood Royalty: The Best Accessories at the 2023 Oscars

Jewelry Fit for Hollywood Royalty: The Best Accessories at the 2023 Oscars

March 26, 2023

Oscars Jewellery

The Oscars is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in Hollywood, and it's no surprise that celebrities go all out when it comes to their red carpet looks. From stunning dresses to exquisite jewelry, the Oscars is a showcase of glamor and luxury.

At the 2023 Oscars, the stars came out in full force, with some of the most incredible accessories we've seen yet. Let's take a look at some of the best jewelry fit for Hollywood royalty that graced the red carpet this year.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are a staple at the Oscars, and this year was no exception. From classic diamond studs to elaborate drop earrings, the stars went all out with their diamond jewelry. One of such spell bounding piece was worn by Cate Blanchett, which was a pair of white gold and diamond double droplet earrings that complemented her Louis Vuitton dress perfectly.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces were a big trend at the 2023 Oscars, with many celebrities opting for bold, eye-catching designs. One standout piece was the Anglea Bassett Bulgari diamonds, a high-jewelry Serpenti necklace, which perfectly accentuated her regal purple Moschino silk-organza gown.

Colorful Gems

While diamonds may be a red carpet staple, this year we saw more celebrities embracing colorful gemstones in their jewelry choices. From emeralds to sapphires, colorful gems added a pop of color to many of the red carpet looks. One particularly stunning example was the yellow sapphire and diamond necklace worn by Deepika Padukone, which perfectly complemented her velvet Louis Vuitton gown.


While brooches may sometimes be overlooked, this year many celebrities opted the statement making designer brooches. One stand out piece was worn by Vera Wang Haute, a floral-inspired brooch crafted of round and baguette-cut diamonds, placed on a velvet choker.

The 2023 Oscars red carpet was a showcase of incredible jewelry, with celebrities bringing their A-game when it came to accessorizing. From classic diamonds to colorful gems, there were plenty of stunning options on display. Whether you're a Hollywood star or just looking to add some glamor to your own wardrobe, take inspiration from these red carpet looks and embrace the power of jewelry to elevate your style.

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