Trending fashion wholesale hair accessories for wedding

Trending fashion wholesale hair accessories for wedding

January 28, 2023

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For bridal jewellery how much glam is too much glam? Guess the answer to that question is very subjective because every bride has her style. But the least we can do for you is to provide some really good ideas to amp up your bridal look.

Hair accessories are not new for Indian women. For a long time wearing gajra and floral garlands in the hair was the top-tier fashion statement. It’s just with the time that fashion has taken a more evolved form. Now besides real flowers, many artificial hair accessories are available for women to choose from.

Hair accessories now include many options that every bride-to-be can consider for her big-day glam. Here are the top 5 artificial hair accessories that you should consider adding to your bridal jewellery collection.

1. Maangtikka/Maangpassa

The OG, the evergreen, and the most trendy hair accessory are the maangtikka and maangpassa. In almost every Indian wedding, and every function you will find women and girls styling their Indian outfits with maangtikka or maangpassa. They are available in a huge variety from big and royal to minimal and elegant. No matter what your aesthetic is you will always find a maangtikka/maangpassa that will compliment your look. 

2. Mathapatti

Mathapatti is similar to maagtikkas and maangpassa but still distinct. They are like a long band that you can wear on your forehead. Mathapatti gives a very edgy look to the whole hairstyle. Many brides prefer mathapatti over maangtikka as it looks more royal and up to the mark. Even many Bollywood brides are now choosing mathapatti for their bridal hair accessory. 

3. Tiaras

Tiaras are a type of hair accessory that is similar to a crown but also has many distinct qualities. At an early age, tiaras were worn only by the royals and riches but in modern times they are available for everyone. The Tiara collection of Eindiawholesale includes every type from floral to AD. So you can always find something for your type.

4. Hair Band/Chain

From simple, delicate ones to more heavy designs, headbands have always been a favorite choice for brides and bridesmaids. They are very versatile and can elevate any boring look. You can style them in many different ways and give your boring hairstyle an interesting edge.

5. Hair Pin

Hair pins are one of the most important accessories. While keeping the hairstyle intact in its place they also give a stylish look to your hair. Designer and fancy hair pin that are available at Eindiawholesale would be a perfect pick to style your hair on the big day.

When it comes to fashion the options can be never-ending. But we always try to bring in the most edge-cutting and affordable products for our customers. At Eindiawholesale you can buy artificial hair accessories in bulk and get a huge discount. So now is the time to fill up your carts with gorgeous accessories.

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