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Top Four Fancy Jewellery Designs To Enhance Your Look in Kurti

Top Four Fancy Jewellery Designs To Enhance Your Look in Kurti

July 11, 2022

Hello ladies! Hope you all are fine rocking! Today, we are gonna make you familiar with some fancy jewellery designs that will enhance your appearance when wearing a kurti!

Kurti is evergreen! They are up-to-the expectations at all times; either it is a traditional event or formal one or routine life. Apart from looking fashionable, women prefer kurtis because they are comfortable too. There is beauty in simplicity! If you believe in that, nothing is gonna better than kurti! However, women’s kurtis are one of the best options to look gorgeous, but you can look even more beautiful if pick your jewellery smartly! There are some designs that require heavy jewellery and while others are good enough with decent ornaments!

Bangles & Kadas

They have not been under the spotlight or you can say bangles & kadas are underestimated always! They are an integral part of Indian fashion! You can pick oxidized silver bangles or kadas that will look extremely beautiful and help lighten up your appearance in Kurti! It is good not to wear heavy bangles like kundan to avoid over excessive fashion. You need to pick decent designs! You can also go for diamond bangles that will surely enhance your appearance.

Small Pendant

Pendants are best when it comes to avoiding heavy necklaces. You can wear them on all outfits including formal and traditional. You can check and pick our artificial diamond pendant. For married women or girls, our mangalsutra will be a perfect choice. As far as Kurti designs are concerned, there are numerous designs available such as v-neckline, turtleneck, scoop neck, and more. Always pick your pendant according to the design of your kurti.


Earrings are an integral part of women’s fashion! You may skip wearing other ornaments at once, but earrings can’t be skipped! Although there are countless earrings designs available in the market, when it comes to pairing them with women’s kurti, there are few options left! Jhumka, stud, and chandbali earrings are all-time women’s favorite to wear on kurti. A thumb rule that you must remember is “simple” when looking for earrings to wear on kurti.


An ornament “ring” is the best friend of women when it comes to flaunting! The varieties you can explore can’t be reached to its when you are looking for women’s rings! You can’t wear two pairs of earrings or two necklaces at once, but can wear many rings at once! However, you have that leniency but it doesn’t mean you wear 10 rings; a ring for each finger! To look decent, it is recommended to wear two or three rings only! As far as “what type of rings” you should wear is concerned, you should go for zircon rings or rings beaded with blue/red stone.

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