Types of Necklace Women Must Have in Jewellery Box

Types of Necklace Women Must Have in Jewellery Box

June 29, 2022

Since the trend of artificial jewellery was started, women impregnate their jewellery boxes with number of ornaments such as necklaces, rings, pendants and more. Well, the role of each ornament has its own importance to make lady adorable but necklace plays the lead one. In earlier days, they were made by using bones, teeth, shells etc. but today is the era of kundan, meena, gold, silver, gems, diamond, and pearl. Necklaces are being worn in social gathering not because of fashion only, but also for establish status. Culture, geography, and traditions having a great impact on jewellery designs and how ornaments have to be worn. In western countries, necklaces are made by using diamonds or gems usually. In foreign, you can find fancy design in general. In territory of India, you can see great craftsmanship in jewellery designs. Whatever the geography is, below are some type of necklaces every lady like to have in her jewellery box.

Chain-Pendant Necklace

It depends on occasion that what is needed to be worn. Usually, ladies don’t prefer heavy jewellery when it comes attend the function of friends or distant relatives. In such case, they prefer decent chain-pendant necklaces. As India is hub of countless festival, women wish to have 4-5 chain-pendant necklace for festivals like Gangaour, Raksha Bandhan, and Navratri etc.

chain and pendant necklace

Choker Necklace

Wedding special! The Choker Indian Necklace! The fashion of choker necklace, also known as aad in India, stay alive since many decades! It never disappoints you whether you wear traditional saree or lehenga, suit or western gowns etc. Flaunt of lady is expected when her neck is surrounded by beautiful choker necklace like below. Its kundan-meena art work makes women’s wish to have the same in jewellery box.

choker necklace

Collar Pearl Necklace

Looking wise pearl necklace seems very simple but it will be up-to your expectations either you wear traditional or western outfits. It plays the role of traditional as well as western necklace designs. Such kind of neck piece comes in single color pearl. Means, all pearls used in necklace are of same color. Common colors you can find when looking for collar pearl necklaces are white, red, and green. How you are going to use collar-pearl necklace? Share your thoughts in comment box.

Choker Necklace

Thread Necklaces

It is sufficient to make others jealous when your neck is covered with beautiful thread necklace. Usually, such necklaces are being preferred by young women and girls only. Vintage thread necklace on long gown can take your beauty-glow to the next level and could be reason of your flaunt. It will be a perfect match when threads and outfits are of same color. Such kind of necklaces look awesome on traditional Banarasi saree, kajara, and big bindi.

thread necklace

Multi-Chain Necklace

Do want to transform yourself in princess in upcoming wedding? If yes, this is gonna be a perfect selection. You can find countless option in multi-chain necklace. Wow types of reactions will come out when your neck is surrounded by beautiful diamond-chain necklace. It is recommended to use kundan-polki multi-necklace on traditional lehenga. This will seem you belong from a royal family. You must go for it when your purpose is to make other jealous.

multi chain necklace

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