Top 8 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Top 8 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

July 11, 2022

Top 8 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Having a stress-free wedding is every couple’s dream. But still, so many brides walk up the aisle feeling worried inside. We understand it’s tough to maintain calm while struggling the finances and dealing with complex family relationships. But we believe your wedding should be the happiest and memorable day of your life, no matter what. And if you think the same, then this blog is for you. Here are our top tips for a hassle-free wedding.

Get organized

Easier to say than make it possible. Though, it is tough to organize a stress-free wedding. The best possible way is to either make a folder on your system or get a plastic file/pouch and keep all your wedding-related documents together. Also, have a notebook to write everything down so that you can remember all the information that comes your way in the upcoming days. Doing so will help you have everything organized in one place related to your wedding, such as vendors’ contracts, venue contracts, payment details, etc. You will need this file even after your wedding is done to make your vendors’ final payment.

Set a Realistic Budget

All those things you see in movies and social media-rich flowers at the venue and custom crockery—can cost thousands of dollars which may be the overall budget of your wedding. You might think you can have that wedding look for $15,000, but you can’t. Those harsh but true words are something we recommend that the problem is people do not know how much things cost, fresh flowers, for example, can take a lot more money than people realize. That’s why we advise that the budget be the number one thing that is sorted out. “Calm down and peacefully calculate what is the priority and motive of your wedding and what a realistic budget is. A wedding planner can help you decide where you can cut off if you need to.

Setting Your Priorities

Prioritizing things are very important to organize a stress-free wedding. You should make a list of important things according to your priorities. For example: finalizing wedding venue, list of meals, catering, bride or groom accessories & dresses, photography, etc. These are some essential tasks that need to be pre-planned and done before time. Vendors can burn your pocket if you reach them at the last moment. On the other hand, if you decide such things at the last moment, you will have to compromise on some things. So, setting priorities and completing important tasks before time can save thousands of bucks and save you from making any compromises.

Artificial Jewellery for Wedding Ceremonies

In India, wedding is a collection of functions like mehandi, haldi, ladies sangeet, and more. So, women have countless desires for fashions. They wear heavy dresses like lehengas, kurtis, etc. It is okay with the outfits. As far as jewellery is concerned, it is not recommended to wear real gold/diamond jewellery for all ceremonies especially for ladies sangeet because ornaments may fall down and you may remain unware of it for some time. It can cause an unwanted issue. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer artificial jewellery for wedding ceremonies when possible. You can check our bridesmaid jewellery and bridal jewellery collection to find artificial ornaments.

Reliable & Professional Wedding Vendors

This is critical. You will need to deal with a lot of wedding organizers for bringing your dream wedding into reality. Vendor management is not an easy task. You need to deal with all types of people; some will be good, and others chaotic. So, it is important to do enough research and market surveys before finalizing your wedding vendors. Also, interview them personally and if you find them juggling to answer your questions or if they don’t seem to be on top of the situation – leave the vendor! Also, do not rely on the planner who does not bother to return your phone calls. Believe it or not, wedding professionals can be extremely helpful. They can take off more than half of your worries and burden. Moreover, they are experienced and skillful people who can help you create your day exactly what you want it to be.

Create a Timeline

Whether you're planning a small or large wedding, either abroad or locally, you should have an idea of what timeline you need to follow. Here are the quite important things and when they need to be done for a relatively happy wedding:

  • 12 months before: Book your reception and ceremony venue(s). This is the most important task, so you can relax after this is done.
  • 6-9 months before Book your other vendors (florist, photographer, Caterer, DJ, baker etc).
  • 6 months before: Order the bride's and bridesmaids' dresses and Book your honeymoon.
  • 3-6 months before: Send out your invitations. Arrange dress fittings and reserve tuxedo rentals if required.
  • 3 months before: Order your wedding rings. Start confirming final arrangements with your vendors and schedule any trials if necessary (ex. hair and makeup, food, etc).
  • 1 month before: Write your wedding speeches and make your table plan. Apply for a marriage certificate/ license, if needed.
  • On the day itself: Someone needs to make sure everything is set up and ready for the big evening. It's recommended that this person isn't you, because no matter how calm and collected you think you will be, you'll probably have quite a few butterflies to contend with on that day!

Same Venue Guests’ Accommodation & Wedding

If you plan a destination wedding or expect many out-of-the-town guests, then book their accommodation in the same venue where your wedding is going to be held. It will save you from a lot of stress on the day of your wedding; otherwise, you will end up getting exhausted and tired.

Perfection is an Illusion

If you’re one of those people who look for perfection in everything, then forget about a no-stress wedding. Expecting perfection and stress go hand in hand because there will be something or other that will raise dissatisfaction. Maybe your photographer ends up having some issue due to which he sent somebody else, or it may rain at your outdoor reception, or possibly your decorator won’t be able to decorate your favorite flowers, etc. Uncertainties are general; any situation can be raised on the day of your wedding. So, there is no need to stress yourself about something that is beyond your control; instead, accept the situation happily and find out the solution.

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