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Bridesmaids Fashion Goals You Should Create

Bridesmaids Fashion Goals You Should Create

July 11, 2022

Bridesmaids Fashion Goals You Should Create

Weddings are a happy and exciting experience. It ties two people and two families in an unbreakable bond. But weddings are also impulsive in terms of all the planning that goes into them. And as a bridesmaid, you’ve been granted the added responsibility of helping and supporting the bride at all times. One of your bridal duties is ensuring you look after the responsibilities well. After all, you will be the first to walk down the aisle and set the expectation of what’s going to come! However, you don’t want to over shiny the bride either.

While there is usually a discussion beforehand about your accessories, some brides prefer to leave the decision up to their girl gang. If you’re in the same situation and are in the confusion, we’ve put together a simple list of options you can peruse to help you nail accessorizing for the wedding as a bridesmaid.

Never Overshadow the Bride

One of the biggest crimes you can commit at someone’s wedding is looking more glam than the bride. It’s her day and her time to sparkle. If the bride is wearing a classy pearl necklace, mimic her style with a strand of pearl. If you aren’t sure about what to opt for, here’s everything you need to know about pearls. If she’s going the traditional route with some eye-catching Kundan bridal jewelry, complement her style with a pair of earrings. However, if your bride is modern or straightforward in her wedding ornaments choice, follow her so you won’t accidentally overshadow or clash with her.

Use Similar Colours

Bridal parties always dress in similar colors of the bride’s choosing. Use the shade of your attires to figure out what jewelry to wear as a bridesmaid. Certain metals look best with some colors. Rose gold jewelry looks stunning with a blush dress. If your bridal party’s color is blue, can go for silver jewelry. Gold jewelry makes the best choice for an emerald green outfit.

Use Similar Colours

Work with your Neckline

A simple and foolproof idea to follow when muddling what jewelry to wear as a bridesmaid is opting for a necklace. Here are a few steps you can follow to perfectly match a necklace with your wedding outfit’s neckline:

Strapless Neckline: These necklines offer you various options. What looks perfect, of course, is a statement necklace. If you’d prefer some simple bridesmaid jewelry, go for a classy choker necklace. They’re one of the current jewelry trends and loved by most females. You could even double up a long single-layered chain for a layering effect.

One Shoulder Neckline: One-shoulder dresses are a fun and frisky departure from the standard neckline. However, a necklace would be to pair with this neckline. We suggest opting for a pair of statement earrings. You could also opt for diamond studs with a prominent broad bracelet or cuff.

V Neckline: Pendant necklaces can be paired the best with V necks. A simple pendant necklace adds a pretty touch to your outfit without being confounded. You could also opt for a heavy pendant with a chain necklace.

Follow a Theme

When thinking about jewelry for bridesmaids, opting to follow a theme will make your jewelry selection easier and save your time.

Be Discreet

If you’re looking for trendy and attractive bridesmaid jewelry, why not try some stacking rings or nose pins? These items are discreet and create a flawless look that’s classy and subtle. Pair with a larger nose pin to match the bride’s prominent jewelry. The stacking rings will perfectly match a simpler wedding ceremony. As a bridesmaid, you too are responsible for the planning of besties day in your way. Whether it’s your best friend, sister, or colleague, remember to have fun on her special day to make it more memorable and joyous. Enjoy this part of your wedding planning, and with these suggestions, you’ll be sure to feel motivated.

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