Fashion Jewellery Ideas for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Fashion Jewellery Ideas for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

July 11, 2022

Pre-wedding shoots are extremely in trend right now. Young to-be wedded couples are passionate about their wedding album to be phenomenal in all ways which they can admire for generations. The photographers are coming up with new conceptualizations and pose every day to make a victorious and speculative pre-wedding album for the charming couple. Deciding what to wear down on your pre-wedding shoot is another tough task. Confusion surrounds you as to whether to wear parallel colors, variance, wears according to our personalities, or just go natural like on a holiday.

While you have puzzled out what to wear on your pre-wedding photoshoot, we are here to assemble your memorable day glitter with designer fashion jewelry for every theme and outfit. Have a look at it and you’ll gonna love this.

Royal Theme

If you’re a fan of architectonics and all in a spirit for a larger-than-life pre-wedding shoot at a royal castle or a Magnificent Haveli or looking for some antique ideas in a royal bride-groom look, then pearls will be your best choice. Pearls are elegant and lavish and have been a part of the grand heritage. Pair a royal and rich-looking pearl necklace set with a lehenga or silk saree for your pre-wedding shoot.

Hill Stations

Hill landscapes provide the ever romantic and unforgettable captures with your would-be. You can go all innovative at hill station pre-wedding shoot. You can make it look like a romantic trip with your love or observation with your better half. A trendy long dress with statement jewelry will work the best if you’re in a mood for a fairy-tale shoot. Or you can also pick casual attire like a sweater and long overcoat with a simple pendant if you want to make it look like a fun observation at a frosty hill station.

Historical Places

If you believe in old-school romance, you might be planning to visit documentary places like the Taj Mahal or Imambara for your pre-wedding shoot. These places build on a fair level of historical charm to your shoot. Go for an Indian look like a long flowing traditional dress or salwar suit with a long and smooth dupatta that can drift in the air while you pose for the shoot. Pick some vintage-touch jewelry with a few fusion elements to complement your personality.


This might be the prime choice coming to your mind while drafting for your pre-wedding shoot and it’s conspicuous. Beaches are the most charming and happening places to visit with your soon-to-be. The soothing sea and the sunsets at the peak make your day! Since beaches are the most sprightful and full of life places, pick a hot dress that catches the ambiance of a beach. Try printed maxi skirts with crop tops, or freaky dresses and accessorize them with a hat, feather, and a chunky necklace to add the perfect touch.

Beaches are also a great place for something more delightful and passionate. For the couples going into something more romantic and intense, let the outfits be tidy and in contrast with the beach aura like big floppy gowns paired with a multicolored crystal necklace set.

Foreign Destination

Foreign destinations like Switzerland, Greece, French colonies, Paris, etc. are quite popular for pre-wedding shoot cum vacation trips. You can dress up with any outfit depending upon the theme of your shoot. For a royal theme, go for lavish pearl or stone jewelry, for a western love theme - pick a contemporary style necklace and earrings set, and for a touristic look, go for a sophisticated pendant or just the earrings.

In-house Theme

If you are the kind of couple that would love to spend hours chatting and binge-watching at the relief of the home rather than roaming out, then in-house pre-wedding shoots should be on your list. Or, you must have to rely on indoor pre-wedding shoots in the epidemic this year. Indoor shoots are greatest to reveal your daily routine with your loved one. Keep it uncomplicated with a classic white top and blue denim or shorts and add a little charm with a minimal pendant or stud earrings. It is a great pick for a jolly and relaxed date-themed pre-wedding shoot. You can also go for a contemporary piece or heritage jewelry.

Always keep in mind the venue and theme of the photoshoot before picking up your clothing and jewelry. It must complement the concept and location and not completely blend it. Balance it out with your attire, makeup, and accessories. Ensure that the focus is on just the both of you.

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